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Jaafar Aksikas

Columbia College Chicago
Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies Program

Jaafar Aksikas is Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Columbia College Chicago, where he teaches a number of core cultural studies, humanities, and Middle Eastern studies courses. In 2000, he co-founded the International Institute of English for Business and Communication in Casablanca, Morocco, where he held the position of Director of Studies. Dr. Aksikas pursues research in the following areas: Cultural Studies histories and methodologies; North African and Middle Eastern cultural studies and politics; Arab intellectual history; modernity and globalization studies; Marxism and culture; the Frankfurt School; postcolonial studies; and contemporary cultural theory. His publications include "The Sirah of Antar: An Islamic Interpretation of Arab History" (AUI Press, 2002) and his fieldwork project "De attitude van Marokkaanse TV-kigkers op de reklame van de Marokkaanse kanalen” (Cultuur en Imigratie, 1999), and his book manuscript "Arab Modernities" is currently under review.

Areas of Expertise

Globalization and Cultures of the Middle East; Modernity and Postmodernity; Arab Politics and Culture; Arab Nationalism; Arab Intellectual History; Islamic Fundamentalism

Countries Covered

most countries of the Middle East and North Africa, especially Morocco and Egypt

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Dominant Ideologies in the Postcolonial Middle East: Liberalism, Nationalism, and Contemporary Islamism"
  • "Middle Eastern Politics and Culture"