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Petra Kuppinger

Monmouth College
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Petra Kuppinger is Associate Professor of Anthropology as Monmouth College. She is interested in issues of cities, spaces, colonialism, and popular culture in the Middle East, in particular, Cairo. Her recent publications include: "Pyramids and Alleys: Global Dynamics and Local Strategies in Giza" in "Cairo Cosmopolitan: Urban Structure, Spaces and Identities in the New Middle East," Diane Singerman and Paul Amar (eds.; 2006); and "Globalization and Exterritoriality in Metropolitan Cairo" in "The Geographical Review" 95(3). Most recently she has spent almost two years conducting research in Germany for a project with the title "Space, Culture and Islam in Stuttgart, Germany." A brief summary of aspects of this project was published in "Mosques in Stuttgart: Struggling for Space" in "ISIM Review" 21/Spring 2008. She is the editor of the journal "City & Society."

Areas of Expertise

Middle East, Egypt, Cairo, Cities, Popular Culture, Globalization, Islam in Europe, Islam in Germany

Countries Covered

Egypt, Germany

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Islam in Germany" or "Islam in Egypt"
  • "Cities and Globalization in Egypt" or "Cities and Globalization in the Middle East"