Issam Nassar

Illinois State University
Assistant Professor, History

Issam Nassar is Assistant Professor of Middle East History at Illinois State University and is the associate editor of Jerusalem Quarterly. He specializes in the cultural history of the Middle East. Dr. Nassar has authored and co-edited a number of books, including: "European Portrayals of Jerusalem: Religious Fascinations and Colonialist Imaginations" (2006); "Photographing Jerusalem" (1997); and "laqatad mughaira: al-tasweer alftography al-mubaker fi filastin, 1850-1948" (“Different Snapshots: Early Photography in Palestine: 1850-1948”) (2005).

Areas of Expertise

Modern History of the Middle East, Media and Art Representation of the Middle East, Palestinian and Israeli Cultural Histories, History of Photography in the Levant, History of Jerusalem

Countries Covered

Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Photographing the Middle East"
  • "Representation of War in the Middle East"
  • "Palestine and Israel"
  • "Social and Cultural Life in Ottoman Palestine"
  • "Jerusalem Since the 19th Century"