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Paul Parker

Elmhurst College
Professor, Religion

Paul P. Parker has taught at Elmhurst College since 1987 in his area of specialization, Christian theological ethics. He also teaches broadly in the fields of social ethics, sex ethics, economic justice, biblical literature, comparative religions, religions of India, religions of west Asia, and religion in America. He regularly leads students overseas to study the religions of India, Turkey, and Jordan. Dr. Parker is a passionate advocate for interreligious relationships. He has studied in Hyderabad, India, and Amman, Jordan; given public lectures on Islamic mysticism at major American universities; published articles on prayer, suffering, and God; and edited two small books-one on the Holocaust and the other on poverty and Christian responsibility. He is currently doing research on the moral influence of the religious experience of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Israel and Palestine; and the six religions of modern Israel. Dr. Parker is a past president and the current secretary of the American Theological Society (Midwest Division).

Areas of Expertise

Palestinian Peace and Justice Groups, International peace and Justice Groups in Israel and Palestine, Israeli and Palestine Conflict and Resolution, Christianity and Islam in Conversation, Christianity in Israel and Palestine

Countries Covered

Israel, Palestine, U.S.

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Palestinian Peace and Justice Groups"
  • "International peace and Justice Groups in Israel and Palestine"
  • "Israeli and Palestine Conflict and Resolution"
  • "Christianity and Islam in Conversation"
  • "Christianity in Israel and Palestine"