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Susan Russell

Northern Illinois University
Profesor, Anthropology

Susan Russell is currently Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University. She wrote her thesis and did a two year post-doctoral study on international and rural development in the Philippines at the School of Economics, University of the Philippines. Since then, she has worked with fishing communities in Thailand and the Philippines. She also had the great opportunity to direct a field school in Maui with a focus on the different ethnic communities that comprise our rich heritage of Asian American and Pacific cultures in the U.S. Later (1999-2005), she had the fun of being director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies. Dr. Russell’s most recent passion is working in Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, on training programs with Muslim and Christian youth and adults, focused on inter-ethnic dialogue and conflict resolution. Her specific research interests in this area focus on indigenous forms of conflict resolution among the indigenous ethnic groups, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Areas of Expertise

Culture and Religion of Southeast Asia

Countries Covered

the Philippines, Southeast Asia

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Introduction to Islam"
  • "Islam in the Philippines"
  • "Conflict in the Southern Philippines"
  • "Interfaith Peace Efforts in the Southern Philippines"