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Iman Saca

Saint Xavier University - Chicago
Assistant Professor, Sociology

Iman Saca is currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Saint Xavier University and the Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program. She was an Exhibit Curator at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago for an exhibit on Palestinian costumes and embroidery. She is also a Research Associate at The University of Chicago Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Dr. Saca is the Co-Founder and Assistant Director of the Palestinian Heritage Center in Bethlehem, Palestine. The Center's goals are the protection, promotion and revival of Palestinian cultural heritage through lectures, publications, photographs, live shows and exhibits on national and international levels. Dr. Saca's current research focuses on the preservation and protection of endangered cultural and archaeological heritage sites mainly in conflict areas, and she is currently working on building an anthropology/archaeology Museum in the City of Bethlehem with UNESCO.

Areas of Expertise

Anthropology, Near Eastern Archaeology (prehistory: 2MVA - 5000BC), Public Involvement in Archaeology, Cultural and Archaeological Heritage Protection and Preservation, Palestinian Culture and Society (traditional costumes, embroidery, jewelry, etc.)

Countries Covered

Southwest Asia

Potential Lecture Topics

  • "Near Eastern Archaeology (prehistory: 2MVA - 5000BC)"
  • "Public Involvement in Archaeology"
  • "Cultural and Archaeological Heritage Protection and Preservation"
  • "Palestinian Culture and Society" (traditional costumes, embroidery, jewelry, etc.)