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Hale Yilmaz

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Assistant Professor, History

Hale Yilmaz is an Assistant Professor of History at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She got her Ph.D. in History at the University of Utah (in 2006), her M.A. in Political Science also at the University of Utah, and B.A. in International Relations at Marmara University, Istanbul. She previously taught at the University of Montana. She teaches courses in Middle East and Islamic history including Islamic Civilization, the Modern Middle East, Modern Turkey, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Islamic Political Movements, and Women, State and Religion in the Middle East. Her research interests include questions of nationalism and nation-building, secularism and modernity, social and cultural change, everyday forms of resistance, politics of dress and politics of language. Her current research focuses on the social and cultural history of the early Turkish Republic. She is currently working on a monograph examining how the Westernizing and secularizing reforms of the early Turkish Republic were implemented and how they effected social and cultural change. By focusing on specific sites of the state’s attempt to create a new Turkish identity and a modern Turkish nation (such as dress, language, national celebrations and sports), she studies how individuals and communities received, reacted to, negotiated and experienced Kemalist reforms in their everyday lives, and how and by whom those policies were mediated on the ground.

Areas of Expertise

Turkish History, Ottoman History, Nationalism, Turkish Culture, Secularism in Turkey, Women in Turkey, Women and Gender in the Middle East, Politics and Culture of Dress

Countries Covered

Turkey, Ottoman Empire, modern Middle East (general)

Potential Lecture Topics

Please see areas of expertise.