Steve Tamari

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Assistant Professor, Historical Studies

Steve Tamari is Associate Professor of Middle East History at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He teaches survey courses in World and Middle East History as well as upper division undergraduate courses on women and gender in Islamic History and on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has lived for extended periods in Palestine, Syria, and, most recently, Lebanon. He has traveled in Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. He helped initiate SIUE’s summer program in Istanbul and has led travel-study programs there twice. He advises SIUE History majors seeking certification to teach in secondary schools and enjoys every opportunity to assist teachers with information and materials related to teaching about the Middle East and Islam. His blog “Bridges” ( provides information and access to resources on the region for teachers. His research interests focus on the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and the early 19th centuries. He has written about education in 18th-century Damascus and about identity in early modern Syria.

Areas of Expertise

Western-- particularly American-- misperceptions about history and current affairs in the Middle East and the world of Islam more broadly defined; Middle Eastern history (general); Islamic History and on the Arab-Israeli conflict

Countries Covered

Syria, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, Middle East (general)

Potential Lecture Topics

  • Please see countries and areas of expertise.